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TLA Project begins today, Monday April 26th 2010!

April 26, 2010 by Admin  
Category: The Latino Ave
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We are proud to announce that The Latino Ave project will start today: Monday, April 26th 2010. We are completely gutting the entire site and building it again from ground up, just like sister site Off The Ave. Many things that slacked in the old TLA will be fixed as well as a bunch of new features and lastly, an eye appealing professional design.

This project will NOT take half a year like Off The Ave did. This project should only take around a month to 2 months to complete. The only reason OTA (Off The Ave) took half a year or so to complete is because the new OTA is 3 scripts compacted into 1. So 3 scripts had to be re-designed and code tested from bottom up.

But other than that, get ready for an all new, supremely powerful TLA!