About Us

Company Bio:

AvenuEmpire is a unique approach at conquering the internet. Our different, yet honest approach at how we build our sites and promote our services is what we take pride in. AvenuEmpire is also the diverse mother site or ‘umbrella’ of our 8 child sites. Our services provide users with the choice of multiple, convenient sites to accompany their needs. Touching virtually all aspects of the internet, our network of child sites include a vast variety of selections such as: Rap Music/ Studio Productions, Latino Social Networking, Afro Social Networking, Social Media Networking, Automobile Networking & more.

We are dedicated in providing new alternatives to popular web applications as we strive in serving our user’s and doing it the right way!

Mission Statement:

Let’s face it, the majority of the internet is a scam! With every site you go to, you have to be weary of pop-ups, adware, spyware and viruses. And with every service you sign up for, you’ve probably expected that sooner or later, you would receive some sort of spam mail. Since the dawn of the internet, we too have been all too familiar with this sad, pathetic reality. It seems people will do anything these days, no matter how stupid, just to make money off of the internet. It all boils down to one thing; ripping people off money wise and/or time wise.

AvenuEmpire and her child sites offers something completely different and unique; clean and reliable services to our user’s. We believe that user’s shouldn’t have to make sure their anti-virus software is up to date or shouldn’t have to use pop-up blockers just to navigate through our sites. We work hard to ensure that none of our sites have spyware, adware, viruses or any un-intentional pop-ups. Doing so, we aim to offer our users and potential users the real “internet experience”.

We stress on providing clean and easy interactable sites for our user’s to enjoy. Our applications and services are made to accommodate your needs as this isn’t for us, it’s for you!